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Clearing of Rings, Chokes, Build-Ups & Blockages in Rotary Kilns & High Heat Process Equipment

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Build-Up & Blockage Clearing & Unclogging
Build-Up & Blockage Clearing & Unclogging

Build-Up and Blockage Clearing / Unclogging

In cement and other manufacturing plants, the Cardox CO² System is the most efficient and cost effective method of clearing build-up and blockages in preheaters, cyclones, inlet chambers, riser ducts, feed pipes, rotary kilns, raw feed mills, precalciners, coolers and anywhere in the plant's processing line.

Our technologically advanced Cardox CO² System is highly capable of effectively removing build-ups at operating temperatures in your preheaters and rotary kilns fast, efficient and safe so there is no need to shut down your operation.

There is also no more human exposure to the dangers associated with conventional methods such as high pressure water jetting.


  • Preheaters
  • Cyclones
  • Inlet Chambers
  • Coolers
  • Feed Pipes
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Precalciners
  • Riser Ducts
  • Raw Feed Mills- Thermal Oxidizers

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